How To Know If CoolTone® Is The Right Treatment For You


Cultivating a healthy lifestyle is always a great investment. When you stay fit, you’re more likely to live a productive and fulfilling life. 

But achieving a fit and healthy body is easier said than done. Working out, for instance, can only do so much to help you achieve a fitter and more toned body. 

So, if you find yourself struggling to get that toned definition despite hours of working out, you might need a body contouring procedure to help you achieve your desired results. 

Fortunately, CoolTone® presents a solution. Let’s take a look at what it is, what it does – and most importantly, whether it’s the right treatment for you. 

CoolTone®: The Basics

If you’re after a more toned stomach, arms, or buttocks, CoolTone® can help you. Basically, CoolTone® is an FDA-cleared, noninvasive muscle toning and body contouring treatment developed by Allergan. 

CoolTone uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) technology that strengthens, tones, and firms the muscles of your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks by triggering and stimulating muscle contractions in the treated area/s, resulting in a stronger, more toned physique. 

The Benefits of CoolTone® 

A CoolTone® treatment helps you achieve your dream body when diets and workouts alone might not be enough. 

In fact, during a 30-minute session, for instance, the muscles in your target area will be stimulated nearly 25,000 times. This targets 100% of your muscles, which is way more than the 30% stimulation you get in regular workouts. 

Hence, a lot of patients tend to see significant results in just a few weeks.  

And it’s not even as painful as the fatigue and cramps you might get after an intense workout (though it’s also normal to experience a little discomfort during and after treatment, but this usually subsides within a few days).

What to Expect During a CoolTone® Treatment 

CoolTone® is a relatively painless way to help build up your muscle strength, mass, and tone. 

During the procedure, your provider will use a device powered with MMS technology to induce thousands of involuntary muscle contractions in the target area. You can even feel your muscles contracting as CoolTone® works to firm up and shape the muscles in your targeted body parts.

While the treatment is painless, you might feel some pressure or discomfort from the contractions. However, you can always ask your provider to adjust the intensity. For best results, however, moderate to high-level intensity is recommended.

Who is the Ideal Patient for CoolTone®?  

Just to be clear, CoolTone® is not a weight loss treatment. Rather, it’s a muscle toning treatment that works best for patients who are at or near their goal weight. 

Thus, if you’ve already lost weight and are just looking for a faster way to get toned muscles in specific areas, CoolTone® is the right treatment for you. 

To ensure that you’ll get the best results, at BodySculpt by Tess I provide each of my patients with a personalized treatment plan. Together, we’ll come up with the right one for your specific concerns to help you achieve your ideal body faster. 


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