Men Are Turning to CoolSculpting® to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat!

Hey guys… Are you noticing that your jeans are too tight? Or maybe your favorite shirt is just not fitting like it used to? Stubborn fat doesn’t just affect women, and thanks to CoolSculpting® treatments, it doesn’t have to affect you either. On guys, stubborn areas generally include abs, flanks/sides, and under the chin. So why not turn to BodySculpt By Tess to freeze away your stubborn fat using CoolSculpting®, the NUMBER ONE fat reduction treatment!

How Long Do Results Last?

Once the treated fat cells are gone… they are gone for good. But remember, CoolSculpting® is not a weight loss treatment; it is a fat reduction treatment that reduces fat in the areas that are treated. Your remaining fat cells can still function as normal and can get bigger or smaller depending on your weight gain or loss. Also, results and patient experiences may vary.

The CoolTone™ Difference!

How many sit ups and crunches have you done? Are you achieving that “Six Pack” abdomen that you want or do you feel like you are just wasting your time? Here is great news… CoolTone™ (from the developers of CoolSculpting®) may be your answer! CoolTone is a non-invasive way to strengthen and tone muscles in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks using magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS). You cannot do enough crunches, leg extensions, or lunges in a similar time period and achieve the same results.

How Much Does CoolSculpting® or CoolTone™ Cost?

This question is one that is very individualized as the pricing for CoolSculpting® really depends on the number of treatments you need to achieve your ultimate body contouring goals. Some areas may need multiple treatments to see your desired results. CoolTone™ consists of 4 treatments over a 2 week period for each muscle group you want to tone. After that, you’ll want to do a maintenance treatment monthly otherwise it’s back to crunches and lunges to keep your firmly toned body. Since the treatment is so personalized, having a consultation with me is the best way to get the most accurate quote for your customized procedures.

Can I Workout After My Treatment?

Get ready for some COOL news. CoolSculpting® and CoolTone™ are completely nonsurgical which means there is no surgery, no anesthesia, and little to no downtime. Treatment times vary but most are around 30 minutes, giving you enough time to hit the gym, hang with the guys, or play rowdy with the kids!

Am I A Candidate?

Good candidates for CoolSculpting® treatments include guys with “love handles” or a double-chin. The CoolSculpting® treatment can reduce up to 20-25% of the fat bulk in the treated area and many guys opt for multiple treatments to achieve their goal. To be a good candidate for CoolTone™ treatments, I just need to see some muscle definition when you flex your abs, thighs or buttocks so that you can get the full effect of the magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS). If I don’t… we may have to consider CoolSculpting® first followed by CoolTone™ to get you the look you are looking for. Just as with any medical treatment, the results and patient experience may vary and I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of having a FREE consultation with me.

The Next Step in Your Body Sculpting Journey

In order to maintain Social Distancing, I am now offering “virtual” consultations which we can do in the comfort of your home.  So get your consultation done now and we can create a treatment plan so you are ready to start your body sculpting treatments as soon as possible!


Uses CoolSculpting®

The CoolSculpting® procedure is FDA-cleared for the treatment of visible fat bulges in the submental (under the chin) and submandibular (under the jawline) areas, thigh, abdomen and flank, along with bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks (also known as banana roll) and upper arm. It is also FDA-cleared to affect the appearance of lax
tissue with submental area treatments. The CoolSculpting® procedure is not a treatment for weight loss.

Important Safety Information

The CoolSculpting® procedure is not for everyone. You should not have the CoolSculpting® procedure if you suffer from cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease, or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria.

Tell your doctor if you have any medical conditions including recent surgery, pre-existing hernia, and any known sensitivities or allergies. During the procedure you may experience sensations of pulling, tugging, mild pinching, intense cold, tingling, stinging, aching, and cramping at the treatment site. These sensations subside as the area becomes numb. Following the procedure, typical side effects include temporary redness, swelling, blanching, bruising, firmness, tingling, stinging, tenderness, cramping, aching, itching, or skin
sensitivity, and sensation of fullness in the back of the throat after submental or submandibular area treatment. Rare side effects may also occur. CoolSculpting® may cause a visible enlargement in the treated area which may develop two to five months after treatment and requires surgical intervention for correction. Please see full Important Safety Information for additional information.

Results and Patient Experience May Vary.

Uses CoolTone®

The CoolTone™ device is FDA-cleared for improvement of abdominal tone, strengthening of the abdominal muscles, and development for firmer abdomen. CoolTone™ is also FDA-cleared for strengthening, toning, and firming of buttocks and thighs.

Important Safety Information

The CoolTone™ procedure is not for everyone. You should not have the CoolTone™ treatment in areas with metal, electrical, or electronic implants/devices like cardiac pacemakers, implanted hearing devices, implanted defibrillators, implanted neurostimulators, drug pumps, or hearing aids. Tell your doctor if you have any medical conditions as CoolTone™ should not be used over a menstruating uterus, over areas of the skin that lack normal sensation, in patients with fever, malignant tumor, hemorrhagic conditions, epilepsy, recent surgical procedure, pulmonary insufficiency, or pregnancy.

CoolTone™ should be used with caution in patients with Graves’ disease (an autoimmune disorder that causes overactive thyroid), active bleeding disorders, or seizure disorders.
Women who are close to menstruation may find that it comes sooner, or cramping is increased or intensified with CoolTone™ treatments, therefore, it is recommended to not undergo treatment during this time of the month. CoolTone™ should not be used in the heart or head areas, areas of new bone growth, over the carotid sinus nerves, or over the neck or mouth. CoolTone™ should not be applied over swollen, infected, inflamed areas or skin eruptions. Caution should be used for patients with suspected or diagnosed heart problems. Common side effects may include, but may not be limited to, muscular pain, temporary muscle spasm, temporary joint or tendon pain, and redness at or near the treatment site.

Ask your Healthcare Provider if CoolTone™ is right for you. Please see full Important Safety Information for additional information.

Results and Patient Experience May Vary.